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Japan Anime Annual Report 2018

Title Japan Anime Annual Report 2018 NEW!
Research Famitsu Marketnig/ Gzbrain Inc.
Release Date TBA

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Japanese Version is here!!  :  アニメマーケティング白書2018


Description | Table of Contents | List of anime titles | Sample PDF | Viewer Analyses


Covering 200 anime titles and special analysis of anime viewers in 1400 pages!


"Japan Anime Annual Report 2018" provides readers with insightful profiles of audiences for over 200 anime titles that were broadcast by Japan's terrestrial television stations between October 2016 and September 2017, utilizing data collected via Gzbrain's media/entertainment audience research system "eb-i".


Table of Contents

I. About This White Paper


1. Data Collection

2. Definitions of Terms

3. Methodology


II. List of Animes Surveyed


III. Anime Viewing Trends in Japan

2017 Overview

1. Demographic Profile of Japanese Anime Viewers

2. Viewing Trends: Time-Shift vs. Real-Time

3. Viewer Trends: Hardcore Audience

4. Spending Potential Analysis Snapshot

5. Correlation between Viewing Frequency and Spending Potential

6. Satisfaction/Fan Percentages

7. Satisfaction Trends among Female Viewers


IV. Anime Audience Profiles

1. Number of Anime Viewers

2. Percentage of Anime Viewers

3. Japan's 5-69 Year-Old Population

4. Breakdown of Anime Viewers by Gender and Age Group

5. Breakdown of Anime Viewers by Viewing Frequency

6. Breakdown of Anime Viewers by Spending Potential

7. Gender and Age Group Distribution by Viewing Frequency

8. Gender and Age Group Distribution by Spending Potential

9. "Hardcore/Heavy" Fans: Hardcore Viewers are Also Heavy Spenders

10. Age Group Distribution of Heavy/Medium/Light Spenders by Viewing Frequency


V. Viewer Analyses by Individual Anime (*)

Description of Each Page

List of Animes Included in Satisfaction/Fan Percentage Analyses


Audience Analysis by Viewing Frequency

Audience Analysis by Viewing Pattern

Audience Analysis by Spending Potential (**)

Satisfaction/Fan Percentage Analyses (***)

Non-Anime Content Consumption by Viewers

Leisure Activity Preferences, Attitudes towards Lifestyle, and Purchasing Behaviors


VI. Content Consumption by Children (****)

1. Anime

2. Console Game

3. Mobile Game

4. Movie

5. TV Drama

6. TV Variety Show

7. TV Sports

8. TV News

9. Top Animes for Kids


VII. Rankings

1. Overall Top Animes

2. Top Animes for Men

3. Top Animes for Women

4. Top Animes for 5-9 Year Olds

5. Top Animes for 10-19 Year Olds

6. Top Animes for 20-29 Year Olds

7. Top Animes for 30-39 Year Olds

8. Top Animes for 40-49 Year Olds

9. Top Animes for 50-59 Year Olds

10. Top Animes for 60-69 Year Olds

11. Top Animes for Casual Viewers

12. Top Animes for Moderate Viewers

13. Top Animes for Hardcore Viewers

14. Top Animes for Real-Time Viewers

15. Top Animes for Time-Shift Viewers

16. Top Animes for On-Demand Viewers

17. Top Animes for Non-Spenders

18. Top Animes for Light Spenders

19. Top Animes for Medium Spenders

20. Top Animes for Heavy Spenders

21. Top Q4'16 Animes by Satisfaction Percentage

22. Top Q1'17 Animes by Satisfaction Percentage

23. Top Q2'17 2017 Animes by Satisfaction Percentage

24. Top Q3'17 2017 Animes by Satisfaction Percentage

25. Top Q4'16 Animes by Percentage of Fans

26. Top Q1'17 Animes by Percentage of Fans

27. Top Q2'17 Animes by Percentage of Fans

28. Top Q3'17 Animes by Percentage of Fans

29. Top Animes for Movie Fans

30. Top Animes for Mobile Gamers

31. Top Animes for Console Gamers

32. Top Animes for TV Drama Fans

33. Top Animes for TV Variety Show Fans

34. Top Animes for TV Sports Viewers

35. Top Animes for TV News Viewers


VIII. About "eb-i"




(*) "Chapter V: Viewer Analyses by Individual Anime" consists of seven sections from "Demographics" to "Leisure Activity Preferences, Attitudes towards Lifestyle, and Purchasing Behaviors." See "Chapter II: List of Animes Surveyed" to find out on which pages each of the surveyed animes is covered.


(**) The data collection for this classification has begun since April 2017, so no Spending Potential analysis is available for animes aired prior to then.


(***) The Satisfaction/Fan Percentage analyses do not cover all the anime titles surveyed in the White Paper.


(****) The White Paper has a dedicated chapter to the 5-9 year old age group (defined as "Children"), taking into account their considerably different content-consuming patterns from other age groups.


List of Surveyed Anime Titles

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Download Sample PDF

Sample of Viewer Analyses by Individual Anime

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